Badger Ordinance Gen 3 ambi charging handle .223/AR15


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Product Description

Badger Ordnance, the people that invented the Ambidextrous charging handle has done it again! Introducing the Generation 3 Ambidextrous charging handle. Redesigned to be significantly more robust than a GI handle as well as giving you ambidextrous capability. The new Generation 3 Ambidextrous charging handles are just the right size and shape to give you rapid access and not be a snag hazard and with generous radiuses it’s not a pain in your back. Made from 7075 T6 forgings, the handle is stronger than the competitions billet or extruded handles. Larger Stainless steel pins hold the latches in place, and the mechanism is operated by a Stainless steel spring. The Gen 3 handle will fit any 5.56/223 Mil spec AR-15/M16/M4 upper. Works with all known .22 rimfire converters. The Gen 3 for 7.62 will not work with DPMS G2 or Colt 901 rifles. Hard coat Mil spec Type 3 Black anodized. Weight: 1.4 oz. 40 grams Length: 7.53” AR-10/SR-25 Gen 3 ambidextrous charging handle. P/N 762-60 The Gen 3 handle will fit any AR-10, LMT, SR-25/M110. Hard coat Mil spec Type 3 Black anodized Weight: 1.5 oz. 42.5 grams Length: 8.08”